Who am I?

I am Yogendra Rampuria or just Yogi for people who know me. I am a Software Developer from India and live in Singapore. I have been in building software solutions (big and small) since 1996. I graduated from University of Mumbai in 2004. I moved to Singapore in 2006.

I have worked for various companies (big and small) in my career so far. In all of these jobs the most common thing was writing programs and software. I have always found writing programs and designing software systems intriguing and creative.

What is this place anyway?

Like many I believe that its a constantly changing industry, and one may quickly find himself "left-behind" as the industry advances. Purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts about everything that I read, write and watch.

Many times I find myself in repetitive conversations about many thing (phones, software, programming languages, framework etc). May be this will be the place where I can put all those conversations together.

That's it for now. May be I will update this and make this page more informative up front but till then, it is what it is.

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