Simple Automator Workflow to Get rid of “Open” on Mac

How to Install

  1. Download workflow file and extract
  2. Double click on “Launch with Zoom.workflow”
  3. Click “Install” on Dialog

How to Use

  1. On and zoom link, just Right click > Services > Launch with Zoom


  2. Select zoom link

  3. On Mac Touch bar > Quick Action > “Launch with Zoom”

Click here to get Mac Automator Workflow

How to create it yourself

  1. Open Automator

  2. Create a new workflow ( File > New > Quick Action)

  3. Add a “Run Shell Script” action ( filter second column to find the action )

  4. Configure workflow

    • Workflow receives current URLs in any application
    • Input is only URLs
    • Image Video
    • Color Blue
  5. In “Run Shell Script”

    • Shell: /bin/bash
    • Pass input: as arguments
  6. Put following script in the text box

    open $(echo $1 | sed -E 's#https://[a-zA-Z0-9];s/\?pwd/\&pwd/')
  7. Save workflow (File > Save)

  8. Save quick action as: Launch with Zoom

  9. Quit Automator